XIXI Ritual Set

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XIXI Ritual Set

XIXI was designing to be a listening ritual experience. The entire album is 50 minutes long, and totally seamless, taking you on an emotional and introspective journey. This album is about Surrendering to the flow of the universe, releasing your expectations, and receiving exactly what you should, all in perfect timing.

This ritual set includes most of the items I was selling with my ritual boxes - I only have ten of these in stock (the tea was all made custom and I'm nearly out of it for the time being)

• Incense
• Hand Made (by me) Candle
• Custom tea blend (By Deerwomen tea)
• Custom Roniit match book
• Dream catcher from a local Balinese family that sold them across the road from my house
• XIXI Sticker

+ option to include physical copy of XIXI cd with the 28 page booklet (full of artwork I hand made and all the lyrics)

Sadly the wooden boxes are no longer available - I had them hand made and carved in Bali and cannot get in touch with the man who was making them - super sad :(