Bloom - Ritual Kit

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Bloom - Ritual Kit

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The Bloom ritual kits have been painstakingly craft by hand, by me over the last year or so. As I’ve been creating the music different product ideas have come to me that tie into the music and the experience I want you to have while listening.

Bloom is a story of love, heart ache, and seeing myself clearly in the mirror that love can provide. Love can be beautiful and gut wrenching at the same time, but most importantly it can show you things about yourself that you couldn’t see before.

Bloom is about growing inner strength and love for myself. Writing this has been the experience of planting seeds of self love, watering those seeds, seeing some of the plants die, replanting, and working toward a blossoming inner world, a blooming inner peace, a deep love for myself that doesn’t rely on anyone else for validation.

In this ritual kit you’ll find supplies needed for a ritual for growing inner strength and love for your self.

Items inside:

- Altar cloth in collaboration with The Pretty Cult
- Bloom Tea blend in collaboration with Petals & Poison
- Wands in collaboration with The Little Ghouls
- Obsidian XIXI engraved crystal
- Manifestation bottles with seeds for planting + local plants (handmade by me)
- Anointing oil (handmade by me)
- Candle for the ritual
- Roniit matches
- A few more surprises

Add ons:

Bloom lyric, poetry, and art book + journal. This book was written and designed by me over the course of the last year and it contains all the lyrics plus the poetry that inspired the lyrics. Each page is full of artwork from various artists + flowers drawn by some of you guys!

The book has journaling prompts after each song that were written to get you thinking about your own growth and blooming!

I will only be printing 100 of these!

Physical CD:

Digipack physical copy of the CD to go along with your kit! I’m only printing 100 of these <3